How is Overlay Sliders installed?

Upload the Overlay Sliders plugin to your website through FTP or any file upload tool, placing it in your “plugins” folder. Activate it through the “Plugins” page or your Admin area.

Plugin installation and usage instructions

These are instructions for installing and using the Overlay Sliders plugin. Upload the Overlay Sliders plugin to your website. Activate it. Click the Add New sub-tab under Overlay Sliders. Change the default title to the desired button name. This will appear on the button title. Adjust settings, such as the opacity and color of the
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Working with the Overlay Sliders Options page

Options set on the Options page act globally. They can be overridden on individual sliders. Global Activator Button Settings Customize the buttons that activate the tabbed overlays. Button Spacing: Set amount of space between each button in the default button array location. Does not affect buttons places with shortcode or on the sidebar. Opacity: Change
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How can I use an Overlay Slider to replace my main navigation or search field?

You might choose to use an Overlay Slider to replace your website’s traditional navigation. To do this: Create your slider and either add the Pages or Custom Menus widget to your slider’s sidebar. On the main Options page, uncheck the Main Navigation or Main Search Field checkboxes under Frontend Customization.

Where do I add custom CSS styles?

Custom CSS styles can be added to our custom field on the Options page. The field is located under Additional Options > CSS Styles.

Common Overlay Slider CSS styles to customize

The following CSS styles are commonly customized manually by developers. For convenience, we have included a text box field under Options, where you can add custom styles. Buttons .tbmndefault .overlaymenubutton button – Default button array in page corner. .overlaymenubutton button:hover, .overlaymenubutton input[type=”button”]:hover – Controls button style on hover. .float-button .overlaymenubutton button – Controls buttons applied
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Why doesn’t my page content shrink when I open a slider?

If your page content does not shrink when you activate your sliders, go to Overlay Sliders > Options tab and manually add the outermost CSS class or ID in Page Wrapper ID under Frontend Customization. In order to get this CSS style: Visit any page on your website. Right-click on your page and select View
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How to add common types of content to a new Overlay Slider

Many types of content are added through WordPress widgets. After publishing ‘widget’ type slider, go to Appearance > Widgets, where you will see a new sidebar created to hold your content. Drag-and-drop any widget onto the new sidebar and select your options. How to add the following types of content: Widgets: Add widgets to your
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